Craft Beer

A New Pairing

This has probably been our number one request at Buccaneer Pizza. It’s a long time coming, I know, but it’s finally here. We have beer! And not just beer, but a line of beers that concentrates on our local Craft Breweries. We have always gone to great lengths to serve higher quality pies with the best ingredients and felt that it was only natural that we compliment our pizza with beer from breweries that have the same standards.

Our plan right now is to build out a new dining area with a bar with around 10 taps. We’ll house these kegs in a dedicated walk-in cooler to keep them at just the right temperature as well. There is no definite date at this point, but we do hope to be at least be under construction by the end of the year.

In the meantime, we will be serving a small selection of approximately 4 or 5 beers so that we can build up a following that demands more! We will also look into social applications like Untappd’ to let our customers know what we have on tap at all times. Initially we will look to include at least one red ale, a blonde, an IPA, Lager and a good Belgian. And personally I’d like to get a sour in — one of my favorites!